I have had this blog now for almost half a year, and as you can see, very little has changed with it. I last reported that I had entered NaNoWriMo for the second time, and after a gruelling ten days, I won for the second time. I had promised to write some updates logging my progress, but unfortunately that never materialised. Why? This post will explain.

I have a horrible concern, for both this blog and for my non – fiction sister blog, ‘Residual Knowledge’, and I want to share that concern and hopefully find some way of resolving the issue, so that I get more readers and you get more entries!

The concern is this: how dangerous is it to post original work and ideas that are unpublished (and therefore unprotected) into a Blog? I am certainly not cut short when it comes to ideas for either fiction or non fiction, but I am too afraid of my original ideas and work being stolen. Exactly how much protection does one’s work get when it appears in a blog like this, from someone who is currently unpublished and unknown, (and in my opinion, extremely vulnerable to plagiarism.)

If a solution is not found to this problem, this blog and its sister will never progress, which is extremely saddening for a beginning writer like myself.

If anyone is able to assist me in addressing this issue, then I will be most grateful, and as a result there will be alot more material on both of my blogs for my readers to enjoy. If not, it will be little more than a diary-like non entity; and will probably be cancelled in the near future.

respect for you all,

~ Marion Aneira