my last post is dated as July 2012….the sign of a true Blog slacker?? possibly, but in this case, no.

Since that fateful day(!) when I left my last post, I lost my beloved internet connection for not one but two months. Since then, I have been powering away at research and procrastination alike, but on the plus, I managed to finish Swansong’s first ever draft!!!

Hopefully now the hardest part of my debut is over, I can concentrate on bringing some life into both of my Blogs, while being able to plump up the research for my follow up novel (more on that later!) and have some time for procrastination….. (I didn’t just say that, really!)

Otherwise, as it is now November 1st and my second novel and National Novel Writing Month entry is underway, I will try to keep up to date by bringing in NaNo reports as my follow up progresses, such as teaser excerpts, research snippets, etc etc.

If I have any followers out there, now is not the time to give up!

~ Marion Aneira