I have been writing stories since, well, forever. So, I have a fair bit of fiction work behind me or in progress. Some stories I only wrote for school projects. Some I wrote for a personal challenge. Lots I have scrapped. Below is a chronology of my works (that firstly survived!) and are still ongoing:

‘The Chronicles of Deldamoreau’ (Dark Fantasy: 2000)

Swansong (Supernatural/Suspense: 2009)

Sustain the Shadow (Supernatural/Horror: 2012)

My Demise (Psychological/Horror: 2012)

Flash Fiction: ‘He Saw in Colour’ (2007), ‘The Carnival is Over’ (2012), ‘The Silent Scream’ (2012), ‘The Dying Room’ (2012)

The big issue with all of these works is that no one apart from myself and a few people close to me know they exist. With the exceptions of the competition successes of Swansong and He Saw in Colour, sharing my work up until now has been anathema to me, largely due to my fear of plagiarism. However, to make any form of progress in writing, the secrets of my work have to be revealed eventually.

in order to bring you all up to date, I will give each of them a little introductory post of their own (flashfic will be all together) a bit later on, detailing some of their main features, main inspiration and research, while not giving away too much of their content!!! (well, I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you, would I??) Hopefully, these may give some small insight to the way in which my fiction writing mind works. 

happy reading!

~ Marion Aneira