I am a budding aspirant author with an eye for detail; recently graduated from a Masters Degree in Mediaeval History and currently working on my debut novel; as well as setting up a business as a full time Freelance Writer, writing under the pseudonym M. A. Capelsion.

As  my Freelance Writing Services venture and Novel writing begin to blossom, I hope to give you a little insight into the kind of writing work I produce and some of the thoughts and research that goes into the process of my work.

interested?? I hope so.

This blog will draw you into the weird world of my fiction writing, specialising in supernatural horror and suspense, psychological horror and dark fantasy, often set in various periods of history, but also hoping to expand my genres as I gain experience in the writing world.

If you wish to also see previews and snippets of my non fiction works and thoughts, please visit residualknowledge.wordpress.com.

remember, words can create worlds…but also destroy them!

~ Marion Aneira